Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goat Rescue

I now have my milking goat, the problem is she is in rough shape. She had twins in Feb and they have been draining her. I purchased one of the kids as well, so I have to separate them so Flo gets a break. I still want to try to milk her, but we shall see. My first concern is her health. She has lost some of her hair and she is super thin. She may also have some mastitis.
She is a pure Sable goat and her doeling is Sable/Boer cross. Luckily the kid who we named Alice looks fine, big and healthy. We had to do some re arraigning of pens but I hope things will settle. I need to call the Vet to come out and do a quick check of the girls to make sure that they are OK. Here are some pictures of the new kids on the block.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Opener at the Farm

The ducks finally made it outside today and they are having a great time.

The Buff's also made it out into the sunshine.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turkeys and Turkey warmers

Today is Thursday, it must be Turkeys in the mail. But not only did my 10 Narragansett Turkeys arrive, but so did 10 mystery Turkey warmers. Just what I need right now, 10 more chicks. Don't get me wrong they are adorable, but where am I going to put them. To give you a picture of my dilemma, I have 1 Chicken house. 12 adult chickens, 25 teenage chickens soon to be divided into the tractors, 5 1 month old chicks, 10 2 week old ducks and 5 3
week old chicks. All of my brooding spots are full. The turkeys were headed to the barn, far away from the chickens. Now I have to factor in 10 new chicks, who will most likely be roosters. I think I have a fowl problem. I am surrounded by cuteness and not sure just where to house them.

On a non fowl note, the lambs are out on pasture again and loving it. The dogs were also excited that something their size was out in the field, of course the sheep want nothing to do with them. I went to pick out 2 new lambs. They are Dorset/Merino crosses and were bottle babies so are incredibly cute and friendly. They will be ready to go in about a month, just about the time I am bringing home Zeus the ram lamb. Busy busy time on the farm.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

It's a perfect day to do things I do not enjoy. Like trimming hooves and de-lousing. No one enjoys this process, but it is a necessary task. Bryan also got the gate finished on the lambs pen, but they don't seem in any hurry to leave it.
The scours are over and both lambs are doing well. Hopefully next week they will make it back out to pasture, though like I said they don't seem to be in a hurry.

This past week has been great weather, not to warm, and not too much rain, I think they call it Spring. It's hard to recognize sometimes, but I think this is it.
The dogs are growing like weeds, and sometimes they actually take their job seriously, and sometimes not.

Spring also means that the Barn Swallows are back. This year they are a bit confused, normally the door is always open for them, but now that there are new residents, the door closes at night. They haven't given up their nests though and are still sitting. It is a challenge to walk in the barn without being dive bombed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Not a big post, but I wanted to put up a picture of our ram lamb Zeus. He will be joining us next month. He is the handsome boy on the left.

I also thought I would post a picture of the 3 inch egg that I found in the hen house this morning. All I can say is Ouch!
The brown eggs are normal size.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The cuteness factor

Today the cuteness factor got cranked up a huge notch. We finally got our ducklings. We are supposed to have 10 White Muscovy. Now they are not the prettiest grown up ducks, but they are adorable as ducklings. But looking at our additions, I believe we ended up with 5 Muscovy's and 5 Pekings. Either way, I am a happy farmer. I do have to warn you that the following pictures may cause uncontrollable smiles, and perhaps a few giggles.

The new lambs are adjusting as well. We are still dealing with the scours with Heather, though she is on the mend now. For those of you who don't know what the scours are, you don't want to know. I don't have any new pictures of them, but I should have them shortly.

So if anyone is keeping tally, we are at 7 Angora goats, 2 Nubian goats, 2 Lambs, 12 adult chickens, 2 Serama chickens, 25 teenage chickens, 5 3 week old chickens, 4 1 week old chickens
and now 10 ducklings. What a mess I have gotten myself into. Of course we are still expecting the turkeys in a couple of weeks, that will be a fun one.

Bryan finished the first whole section of electric fencing, we may sub divide it, but for now we are set. I dare a coyote to touch it. All of the goats are quite happy to be out playing during the day now, despite the cold weather. Last weekend it was in the 80's, this weekend the 40's and 50's. No garden yet. But there is hope. (I think)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sheep, Sheep, Sheep

The sheep are here, the sheep are hear. Today we picked up Heather and Thistle, 2 Border Leicester/Corriedale cross ewe lambs. Next month they will be joined by Zeus and Border Leicester/Blue Faced Leicester ram lamb. For now we have the lambs in with the goats, but sometime soon they will be seperate. The introduction went very well and everyone is happily munching grass.

We are definitely on a sheep high right now. Mom and I just got back from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and it was great. We came home early on Sunday and found that Bryan had almost finished the permanent electric fence. Things are moving along quiet well.

Heather, formally known as Raccoon eyes. She had beautiful fawn circles around her eyes.

Thistle and Heather munching grass.