Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coco and Cupcake or a study in black and white.

A few days after we brought Cupcake home, we got a call that there was another bottle lamb available.  This time a Ewe.  Coco was a twin whose mother just wouldn't care for  her.
 Of course we would take her. 
We didn't think that Psyche would take her, but we knew we had enough milk for her and because we were no longer feeding Cupcake off the bottle,  it wouldn't be too much work.  After all, who doesn't love a midnight feeding. 
She gets a little wild eyed before her bottle.  Her ears are slowly straightening out, but they sure are cute for now.

At 3 days old, she was the same size as Cupcake at a week old, they look like twins.  Coco spends her nights in the kennel in the laundry room and her days in the barn with Cupcake and Psyche.  And even though Psyche won't let Coco nurse on her own, she has no problem letting her nurse when she is stuffing her face with grain.
It is after all a milking stand, doesn't make a difference who is doing the 'milking'.
Cupcake is fascinated with Slinky the cat, who is just about the same size.

Could be twins..

Or triplets...  Cupcake is learning to share.