Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where have we been?

I am not really sure.  Plenty has happened since October, but the drive to sit down and write just wasn't there.  So a quick recap and then mostly pictures. Bryan switched jobs, he now drives a dump truck, which is much easier and he enjoys a lot more.  Eve and Kevin made it up for Thanksgiving, a smaller crowd than we are used to, but we certainly enjoyed having them.  I had Carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, (not a good time for a farmer to be 1 hand down) I am glad that I had the surgery and will soon be having my left hand done. Christmas came and was nice and low key.
Sarah, Maggie and I joined 2 of my brothers, their families and my sister in Rhode Island for New Years. This is a wonderful tradition that I have missed for the last couple of years.  For those of you who know us, know that Maggie has had a sometimes difficult road since she came home to us 7 years ago.  She had some serious developmental issues that we thought were resolved.  I have been concerned that some of her quirks were getting in the way of her progress at school.  After many interviews, test etc.  Maggie has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome.  We are actually relieved to finally have a 'diagnosis' which will lead to a specialised plan for her education.  
That just about brings us up to date.  Once again I hope my 'blog block' has lifted and I will continue on a more regular basis.  Anyhow, here are some pictures that give a peek into our lives.
Goats with hair cuts.  Unfortunately we lost Castor this month.  
Cricket decided that sharing the laundry porch with a dog was ok, but the duck was too much. She has moved to the front porch and the banana box with mohair.   
Fey, one of my 2 birthday presents.

Simi, my other present.
Bryan finally had the time to put up a new side on the barn.

Cousins having fun.

Jenna, Mathew, Sofia, Maggie & Sarah at 40 steps.

David and Sofia moments before the duck snatched the whole cone out of Sofia's hand.

Maggie hanging with Uncle Andrew.

Maggie at Brenton Point.

Some things never change.

Eve running at Fort Adams, running for her friend Catherine, who is at peace now.

Newport will always be the home of my heart.
Morning after a full moon.

Slightly blurry, but beautiful.

Fey and Simi enjoy a rare 'quiet' time.

Even Buddha can keep smiling in the snow.

Simi climbs the door of the porch to let me know she has been locked on the porch.  Yes that is a vertical climb.