Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Rain

We have had thunderstorms yesterday and today.  I love the mountains in the rain.

Of course that means our fields are flooding.  Thankfully most of it is in the woods. The tree in the center is under water.
 This is almost the same shot just a few minutes later.  The rain rolls in fast.
 This all part of the field that is usually dry.
The goats found ways to keep themselves amused in the barn.  Going where they really shouldn't be.
This is Acheron, our new buck.  He is a beautiful boy, who is very home sick at the moment.    I will try and get better pictures of him.

We finally have blooming daffodils, Spring is that really you?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Goat whisperer

My daughter Sarah has found her calling with the baby goats.  She loves them and they love her. 
Daisy loves to give kisses that tend to get out of hand.

In addition to her tasty nose, the babies love her long hair and will try very hard to reach it.

Sarah's next  project is Hamish and Doughall, they are still a bit reluctant to cuddle.

 The mighty Doughall.

 Hamish and Pansy.

Sarah is a great help around the farm, my city girl going country!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's been very dreary here the last week, I love rain and fog, but even I have limits. So to brighten the mood, this blog is going to be just goats. Enjoy.

Daisy, Hamish and along comes Spot.
  Doughall, our funny bunny.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nothing particular

The day started off like this,

And then went to this,

By the end of the day, all snow was gone and it was in the 40's, quite warm. The second picture actually serves two purposes, one to show the change in the day and second, if you look closely in the far trees you can see my wandering ducks. Ping and his ladies have taken to wandering off into the field, it only took them 3 days to discover the flooded areas in the woods. I am worried that they may move permanently to the woods.

Spot and Slinky found a nice warm spot to nap.

Wallace and Sarah had a little dance, I don't think Wallace is a natural dancer.

Archie just get cuter.

Angus is pretty cute himself.

Daisy is terribly sweet.

Hamish manages to look distinguihed, even when he is hopping in and out of the hay manger.

Doughall has amazing color and if anyone is interested, both he and Hamish will be for sale in a few months.