Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Rain

We have had thunderstorms yesterday and today.  I love the mountains in the rain.

Of course that means our fields are flooding.  Thankfully most of it is in the woods. The tree in the center is under water.
 This is almost the same shot just a few minutes later.  The rain rolls in fast.
 This all part of the field that is usually dry.
The goats found ways to keep themselves amused in the barn.  Going where they really shouldn't be.
This is Acheron, our new buck.  He is a beautiful boy, who is very home sick at the moment.    I will try and get better pictures of him.

We finally have blooming daffodils, Spring is that really you?

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  1. As usual, your pics are gorgeous. The lightning was so close at one point, it was right outside my kitchen window, I thought it was going to hit the house.