Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Sale (how can you resist)

Born 4/3/11

Born 4/4/11

If you have questions please email me.  The boys are going to be shorn soon, if you prefer them with their fleece please let me know.
  They are both beautiful boys, out of Esau, a Solid Medium Copper Buck.
  Hamish's Dam is a Silvery Brown Dark Belly Badger and Doughall's Dam is White with color coming down on her Sire's side.  Lineage on both is available on request.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I knew farming wasn't going to be easy.  But as usual I blindly ignored the hard stuff and focused on the fun and easy stuff.  It seems the last month that has really come to bite me on the butt.  I have made some really rookie mistakes with the goats, and thankfully we are finally digging ourselves out of the hole. (I hope)  In my inexperience, I was trying to help the goats, and was actually doing more harm than good.  With the advice of my goat mentor and my vet, I think our buck Ash is finally on the upswing to good health. 
Ash was an amazing healthy big buckling, once he came to our farm he got sick, we got him over that.  Then when he seemed to be getting better he began an downward spiral again.  I did what I thought I should do, however, I missed a few important steps.  Downward spiral continues.  Mentor steps in, vet steps in. Between the 2 of them, Ash is looking better.  We brought him up to the house yesterday and gave him a bath. He looks even better.  He is still not ready for breeding season, and he may make a pass this year, but I think he will survive.

He is still a bit puffy in the face, but the bottle jaw is receding.  I would like to have brought him up to the house temporarily, but the dogs would have gone nuts and we really don't have a place to put him in the house. 
As with  everything positive there is naturally a negative. During the illness with Ash, Sue and Junebug also became sick.  They just were not thriving as they should have.  We lost the both of them within 3 days of each other.  They were beautiful goats and we will miss them a lot. 

So we have had a rough season, I am learning as we go and am learning from my mistakes, it is just sad that I lost some beautiful babies.  On the other hand Hamish, Doughall, Archie, Angus and Daisy are all healthy happy goats.  Hamish and Doughall will be posted for sale soon, ya know, in case you want a beautiful Angora buck or whether.