Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Pictures

 My favorite time of the Spring is when the bushes start to bloom.  We have a small hedgerow that has what I assume are cherry trees, though they seem more like bushes.  The most amazing sweetness fills the air surrounding them.  Today was the first day that I smelled the aroma.  The bees where also busy enjoying the  bounty.

Pollen pollen everywhere!

Look at the thighs on that bee!

Moving on to the next batch of flowers.
This beautiful Red Admiral Butterfly stops by.  A true harbinger of spring.

One of the Pear trees we planted last year.

Apple blossoms hiding amongst the leaves.

I love this ornamental cherry tree  in the side yard.  Soon it will covered in (not pink) sweet white  blossoms.

Beautiful Daffodils are still hanging around.

I love the shape of this one.

What you don't notice right away in our yard, is that the ground is covered in these little violets. 

Peonies will be blooming soon.
Bryan is filling the new raised beds in the garden with our compost.

Maggie even made it outside to play today, looks like she is having a good time.

Rosie has come to the porch for a visit.  She is one of our first chickens, and one of our favorites. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Duncans first day out

Duncan is our 4 day old Saanen Buckling.  Today was his first day out of the barn.  I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He did get a bit confused between his mother, (who wondered off) and Prissy.  After all from his vantage point, all udders look the same. No one told him that his mom has a red collar and Prissy has a blue one. Prissy was firm but nice about letting Duncan know that her udder was off limits. 
 Terra really likes the kids and takes her guardian duties seriously. 

Duncan and Maple, out for a stroll
Prissy has an amazing udder and no one to feed, no wonder Duncan was confused.  
The chickens were also out enjoying the day.  We have 3 roosters and each one has  his own ladies.  
Beetle and his ladies like to hang out by the pool.

Butt Down and his ladies like to garden.

No mystery where he got his name.

His brother Butt Up, his ladies have wondered out into the field. They like to live dangerously.
Of course some hens just refuse to be tied down to a roosters. 

Latte is one of the older girls who is a little bit more independent

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's doing down on the farm

Helllllooooo, anyone still trying to follow my blog?  I am sorry it has been another whole month since my last post.  One would think nothing is going on around here, not true.  Summer came for a visit, she left and a proper Spring has settled in.  Cold and Windy and hey a call for Snow tomorrow. But enough about the weather on to the pictures. 
The trees are in greening.

The new raised beds in the garden.  Just waiting for seedlings.
The beast has arrived on the farm.  Compost piles tremble in fear.

Back in October we brought home our little piglets, well they have grown and it was time to say good bye.  I am anxious to get more and am looking into breeding our own soon.  I truly enjoyed Pickles and Petunia, they were quite the characters. 

Pigs really do love mud.  Petunia is standing in the mess she made every time I filled their water bucket.   

Before the shearer...

After the shearer.  My shearer lets me do the top knots, which always resemble the mohawks of  Gremlins.

Archie really needs to be shorn, but he sheds his fleece, he and his brother look really scary for about a month.
This is Cupcake, our former bottle baby, he is quite the wild child.
Cupcake, Java and their mama Psyche.  We are all about blended families.

Psyche has enough milk for 2 very hungry lambs and me!

Terra and Luna are shaping up to be good guardians.  I love me some pups!

This little guy was born this morning to Maple.  Maple and Prissy were my accidental breeding's this year.  Time will tell if the right buck is the father.   
We are still waiting for Prissy, one of my other Saanen does to kid.  She was not supposed to be bred this year, but obviously there was a conspiracy going on.  I was sure she would go before Maple, but she is holding out.  I am really hoping she is holding out with a little doe.