Saturday, April 14, 2012

Duncans first day out

Duncan is our 4 day old Saanen Buckling.  Today was his first day out of the barn.  I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He did get a bit confused between his mother, (who wondered off) and Prissy.  After all from his vantage point, all udders look the same. No one told him that his mom has a red collar and Prissy has a blue one. Prissy was firm but nice about letting Duncan know that her udder was off limits. 
 Terra really likes the kids and takes her guardian duties seriously. 

Duncan and Maple, out for a stroll
Prissy has an amazing udder and no one to feed, no wonder Duncan was confused.  
The chickens were also out enjoying the day.  We have 3 roosters and each one has  his own ladies.  
Beetle and his ladies like to hang out by the pool.

Butt Down and his ladies like to garden.

No mystery where he got his name.

His brother Butt Up, his ladies have wondered out into the field. They like to live dangerously.
Of course some hens just refuse to be tied down to a roosters. 

Latte is one of the older girls who is a little bit more independent

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  1. Ah, I wondered why the big goat wouldn't let the baby nurse! They're beautiful goats.