Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lets begin again

So I didn't do so well with my blog last year, I was going to start a new one, but decided to just move forward. I will start with a recap of last year: Moved from Delaware to Pennsylvania, lived through a really cold and snowy winter, had a chimney fire, had bats in the house, had bears in the yard, had bees in the house, had more bears in the yard, raised chickens on the porch, had bunnies on the porch, had way to many roosters, now we have none, revamped the downstairs of the barn, got 6 goats, got 3 more, had 16 family members for thanksgiving, turned 40, had minor surgery, looking forward the the next round of surgery, visited my friend in Philly.

So that is what I did last year. It was a busy year, I have learned a lot and still have so much to learn. Looking forward to the upcoming year and new plans. I have already ordered chickens for spring. I am looking forward to meat birds this time around. I will also try ducks and turkeys. I have to wait for the feed company to put their lists out so I know just what type of birds I can get.
I will be ordering heritage breeds for both, that much I know.

The cold weather and snow haven't slowed our hens down, if anything we are getting more eggs than before. Here is one of our 'easter eggers' out and about. If you haven't heard of these chickens they are a mixed breed I think related to Americauna chickens, and they lay eggs ranging from light blue to olive green. One of my girls lays a light tan egg also. Other than the novelty of the eggs, they are super sweet chickens and have a great personality.
We also have Rhode Island Reds, Delaware's and one Egyptian Fayoumis who lays little white eggs and is a broody broad with a cranky personality.