Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Pictures

 My favorite time of the Spring is when the bushes start to bloom.  We have a small hedgerow that has what I assume are cherry trees, though they seem more like bushes.  The most amazing sweetness fills the air surrounding them.  Today was the first day that I smelled the aroma.  The bees where also busy enjoying the  bounty.

Pollen pollen everywhere!

Look at the thighs on that bee!

Moving on to the next batch of flowers.
This beautiful Red Admiral Butterfly stops by.  A true harbinger of spring.

One of the Pear trees we planted last year.

Apple blossoms hiding amongst the leaves.

I love this ornamental cherry tree  in the side yard.  Soon it will covered in (not pink) sweet white  blossoms.

Beautiful Daffodils are still hanging around.

I love the shape of this one.

What you don't notice right away in our yard, is that the ground is covered in these little violets. 

Peonies will be blooming soon.
Bryan is filling the new raised beds in the garden with our compost.

Maggie even made it outside to play today, looks like she is having a good time.

Rosie has come to the porch for a visit.  She is one of our first chickens, and one of our favorites. 


  1. Oh butterflies already! Gorgeous. And you are so brave to get so close to bees!! I'm not a fan! Last summer I was stung in my behind! True story. LOL

  2. I am allergic to bees, but don't feel any fear with honeybees. They are usually so focused on what they are doing, they ignore you. Ouch, I don't want to know how a bee stung butt happens.