Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Goat whisperer

My daughter Sarah has found her calling with the baby goats.  She loves them and they love her. 
Daisy loves to give kisses that tend to get out of hand.

In addition to her tasty nose, the babies love her long hair and will try very hard to reach it.

Sarah's next  project is Hamish and Doughall, they are still a bit reluctant to cuddle.

 The mighty Doughall.

 Hamish and Pansy.

Sarah is a great help around the farm, my city girl going country!


  1. How adorable!! You have some mighty cute babies there!

  2. It is obvious she loves them - and the feeling seems to be mutual! If anyone can bring Hamish and Doughal around, it will be Sarah.

  3. Thanks, we love our kids, goat and human!