Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final additions

So far this year we have been a little boy heavy in the barn.  The scales were tipped by 2 on the 5th.  Flo gave us 2 adorable little doe lings, little carbon copies of herself.  

Maybell came in at 6.4 lbs.

June Bug followed at 6.7 lbs. 

 We had some concerns, Flo teats are quite large and the babies couldn't get them into their mouths.  June Bug was showing signs of becoming too chilled.  With some work, the girls were fed and clothed and put to bed. I find that I have to milk Flo a bit on one side and then the girls have not trouble with size. 
All hail the great udder, giver of lots and lots of milk.
 There were signs of pop-corning today so all is good. 

  The girls may not have their daddies beautiful color, but they have their mommies waddles, my favorite goat feature of all.