Saturday, May 14, 2011


 Spring is truly here, so I thought to show the joys of spring on our farm. The goats are very happy to be out of the barn for most of the day.  Maybell and Junebug, our last kids of the season are truly enjoying their new freedom. 

Luna on the alert, of course her charges are all out in the field.

The run for the far field.

Little Daisy runs to keep up.

Still running.

Gaining speed.

Not quite there yet.

Archie's favorite spot on the wheel.
Maybell takes a snooze in the sun.

June bug is completely worn out.  Her first day out was quite exhausting.

We had 2 ducks hatch in our incubator.  This is #1.

This is #2.
One of our Turkey Hens is very confused and madly in love with the truck.

Meet Elvis.
Nothing says warm weather better than a dust bath.

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