Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The cuteness factor

Today the cuteness factor got cranked up a huge notch. We finally got our ducklings. We are supposed to have 10 White Muscovy. Now they are not the prettiest grown up ducks, but they are adorable as ducklings. But looking at our additions, I believe we ended up with 5 Muscovy's and 5 Pekings. Either way, I am a happy farmer. I do have to warn you that the following pictures may cause uncontrollable smiles, and perhaps a few giggles.

The new lambs are adjusting as well. We are still dealing with the scours with Heather, though she is on the mend now. For those of you who don't know what the scours are, you don't want to know. I don't have any new pictures of them, but I should have them shortly.

So if anyone is keeping tally, we are at 7 Angora goats, 2 Nubian goats, 2 Lambs, 12 adult chickens, 2 Serama chickens, 25 teenage chickens, 5 3 week old chickens, 4 1 week old chickens
and now 10 ducklings. What a mess I have gotten myself into. Of course we are still expecting the turkeys in a couple of weeks, that will be a fun one.

Bryan finished the first whole section of electric fencing, we may sub divide it, but for now we are set. I dare a coyote to touch it. All of the goats are quite happy to be out playing during the day now, despite the cold weather. Last weekend it was in the 80's, this weekend the 40's and 50's. No garden yet. But there is hope. (I think)

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