Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sheep, Sheep, Sheep

The sheep are here, the sheep are hear. Today we picked up Heather and Thistle, 2 Border Leicester/Corriedale cross ewe lambs. Next month they will be joined by Zeus and Border Leicester/Blue Faced Leicester ram lamb. For now we have the lambs in with the goats, but sometime soon they will be seperate. The introduction went very well and everyone is happily munching grass.

We are definitely on a sheep high right now. Mom and I just got back from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and it was great. We came home early on Sunday and found that Bryan had almost finished the permanent electric fence. Things are moving along quiet well.

Heather, formally known as Raccoon eyes. She had beautiful fawn circles around her eyes.

Thistle and Heather munching grass.

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