Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goat Rescue

I now have my milking goat, the problem is she is in rough shape. She had twins in Feb and they have been draining her. I purchased one of the kids as well, so I have to separate them so Flo gets a break. I still want to try to milk her, but we shall see. My first concern is her health. She has lost some of her hair and she is super thin. She may also have some mastitis.
She is a pure Sable goat and her doeling is Sable/Boer cross. Luckily the kid who we named Alice looks fine, big and healthy. We had to do some re arraigning of pens but I hope things will settle. I need to call the Vet to come out and do a quick check of the girls to make sure that they are OK. Here are some pictures of the new kids on the block.

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