Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flo in charge

Flo and Alice are settling in, we still haven't solved her udder issues, but we are working on them. They are both happy with all the free forage and hay they can eat, not to mention the excellent organic grain they get at night. Up until today we were tethering them close to the house, but today I finally let them out with the rest of the goats. I was worried about the fence because neither girl had ever been fenced before. Alice got zapped a couple of times, but quickly learned after that.
Flo quickly let everyone know that she was now in charge. There was very little disagreement among the other goats, though Sage did look a little sullen. Flo also let Sage know that I was her human and he was not to try and get any special attention. At one point he was actually hiding behind me. The transfer of power went very smoothly and no one got hurt.

Alice was quite happy to be able to run and play as much as she wanted. She is one of those goats that likes to climb and has scaled the vertical stone wall of the barn. At one point I looked out the barn window and she was looking in, mind you the window is about 5 feet off the ground. There was just enough ledge on the outside for her to cling to.

The rest of the goats quickly went back to there important duty of munching grass and laying around. We are lucky that they aren't eating the grass quicker than it can grow. In spots it is quite high so that you have a hard time seeing goats that are too lazy to stand and eat.

It was also a day for
taking pictures of flowers, view these in my sideshow. It feels like summer is here and there is beauty blooming all around us. Things are settling into a rythym and I am beginning to truly beginning to feel like a farmer.

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