Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turkeys and Turkey warmers

Today is Thursday, it must be Turkeys in the mail. But not only did my 10 Narragansett Turkeys arrive, but so did 10 mystery Turkey warmers. Just what I need right now, 10 more chicks. Don't get me wrong they are adorable, but where am I going to put them. To give you a picture of my dilemma, I have 1 Chicken house. 12 adult chickens, 25 teenage chickens soon to be divided into the tractors, 5 1 month old chicks, 10 2 week old ducks and 5 3
week old chicks. All of my brooding spots are full. The turkeys were headed to the barn, far away from the chickens. Now I have to factor in 10 new chicks, who will most likely be roosters. I think I have a fowl problem. I am surrounded by cuteness and not sure just where to house them.

On a non fowl note, the lambs are out on pasture again and loving it. The dogs were also excited that something their size was out in the field, of course the sheep want nothing to do with them. I went to pick out 2 new lambs. They are Dorset/Merino crosses and were bottle babies so are incredibly cute and friendly. They will be ready to go in about a month, just about the time I am bringing home Zeus the ram lamb. Busy busy time on the farm.

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