Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More snow

Not an exciting title, but I'm not very excited right now. Just when everything had almost melted, we got a foot of snow. Beautiful light, fluffy, powdery snow. However, Sarah is stuck in Philly, the Atv wouldn't start and the water froze in the barn barrels despite their heaters. I made arrangements for Sarah, charged the battery on the atv, and hauled warm water to the barn in order to melt snow and make more water. So in the scheme of good thing bad thing, the atv got immediately stuck 5 feet out of the barn. So there is now a shoveled walk from the house to the chicken house and then to the barn. Yes I am done with the snow. So I have decided to put up pictures to show those who do enjoy the snow. Well except for the first ones, Maggie does not enjoy the snow, she barely enjoys the outdoors.

Mom makes the trip to the chicken house before I got a chance to shovel a path. She is quite the pioneer.

Contrary to what some people think, Oscar loves the snow, he clearly loves being a snow puppy. He and Max are having a grand time.

Wallace and Marmalade are in agreement with Maggie, the outside is just no fun.

Spot and Slinky disagree, they love the snow.

And the ducks think that if they sit in the snow long enough it will melt and become a pond. "Positive waves Moriarty, positive waves"

So lets all send out positive warm waves, and bring on the spring.


  1. this is adorable! I love Marmalade's face, inspecting the snow, and the "thoughts" of the ducks

  2. Beautiful pictures, but I'm with Maggie, I don't do snow!