Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haircut's all around

It was shearing day today, my woolly beasties shrunk. I am always amazed at how small my goats really are under all the fiber. 3 of the sheep also got sheared today and we discovered that the remaining 2 Ewes are pregnant as well.
Zeus also got his first haircut, he wasn't so happy about it.

In addition to getting a haircut, Pine also made the move into the boy's pen. Up until now he has been in with his sisters. Luckily Castor and Esau were so busy butting heads, they really didn't pay him much attention.

I still have to get in and trim the hair between the horns, but until then most of the angora's are sporting mohawks.

The girls weren't spared either, the shearer also confirmed that Pearl and Pansy are both pregnant. Yeah Esau! We are still a couple months away.

All in all everyone came out just fine.

We did have an amazing wind storm a few days ago, and 2 of our shelters went tumbling. We're not sure if the one can be salvaged, the second one looks fine, just upside down.

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