Friday, February 25, 2011

But wait.... There's more

Yes more snow. I really don't think I am ever getting out of here. I was able to get to Delaware to pick Sarah up before this all began, she made it home just in time for a snow day. It is a beautiful snow, but I am just not as impressed as I used to be. I remember our first winter here and how accomplished I felt getting wood for the fire, shoveling and just being able to deal with the challenge of the snow, now I just feel overwhelmed and defeated. I did manage to get some wonderful pictures this morning though.

I got a call from Mom on the trip home that one of the sheep had given birth and the lamb was not doing well. I was expecting Athena to give birth, but it was one of the twins, that was a surprise. I didn't think they were quite due yet. She gave birth to a 11+ ram lamb and as near as we can tell, one of his legs was behind him during the process. He wasn't able to get up to nurse, so we brought him up to the house and I milked the mother for her colostrum, but our efforts failed and we lost him late last night. He was the first of Zeus's lambs. I fully expected to go to the barn and find more lambs this morning, we still have 2 ewe's that are pregnant, thankfully neither decided it was time yet.
This is one of those times that illustrates that I am still learning and do not have things quite set up the best yet. I am juggling space in the barn because both rams are inside right now. I had to move Apollo outside and he is not happy about it at all. We lost 2 of our shelters, so I cannot put him in either of the far paddocks, so he is constantly banging on the barn door. Life would be simpler if I could put him and Zeus together.


  1. Sad to lose a lamb, but you did what you could. And coordinating the housing of animals does get complicated, doesn't it? Why can't they all just get along? :-)