Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy week

Bryan took the week off to get some work done. And we are off to a great start. We started on the garage so my shop will have a home some time this summer. We have been going through boxes still left over from the move. My nieces from Rhode Island have come to help, which is a really great thing.
Today they cleaned out the last of the goat stalls that was still in deep bedding, which translates into a big deep mess of hay, straw and other 'stuff'. They did a great job and Sarah was right there with them. I had them start on another chicken tractor and I went off to take pictures for the blog. I got a few of them taken, when I noticed one of the goats was standing behind the cattle panel bleeding profusely from her side. Earlier I had seen this spot on her, but it looked like she had been laying in poo and gotten it matted in her fiber. Well obviously that was not the case. I called the girls and they came and helped me catch her and get her into the barn.
I started cleaning her side and quickly discovered a bigger problem. Fly strike. Bryan finally was back in the barn area so he came to help. We thought that she had a wound that they had gotten into, but the more we worked the more perplexed we were. She had a bump, but no wound. The nearest we figure is that she had a cyst that started to bleed and the flies settled in.
It took a lot of work to clean her up and finally dress the wound. She also got a shot of penicillin and we shall see how she is tomorrow. I am really glad the girls were here to help.
Before this happened, Bryan was moving metal roofing panels from around the compost pile, he had told me that there was a snake around there, well there sure was. To me it looked like a rattle snake, but no rattle. Bryan finally caught it and relocated it to a far off portion of the farm. I am waiting a response from my nature expert to find out what kind of snake it was. Come on Amy!
I did manage to get some pictures of Zues before the emergency with Pansy. He is a beautiful, big boy and Thistle and Heather really seem to like him. I do have to separate them or I will have lambs out of season.
I was not able to get pictures of Pan, but I think he is one of the cutest goats I have ever seen. He is tiny and so soft and cuddly. He enjoys being petted and loved and I wish we could bring him into the house. The big boys pick on him, but they may not be here for much longer. That is another story.
So my flock is just about complete for now, possibly 2 more ewe lambs for Zeus but we shall see.

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