Monday, June 28, 2010

Progress is still happening.

It was really great to have our nieces Blue and Nyssa here to help Bryan and I, (mostly Bryan). They put the first coats of paint on in the shop, helped build a new wall, built a much needed chicken tractor and where just overall great guest.
Bryan also got a coat of paint on most of the barn roof. The cherry picker couldn't reach the far side of the roof. It seems that all of the animals are growing like crazy. The ducks are all feathered, well except the muscovies that keep getting their feathers pecked on. Our duck accommodations are not ideal, and one duck likes to take it out on the others.
The turkey warmers also have another name, The Brats. They quickly outgrew the brooder in the chicken house, thoroughly making a mess of the entire house. We put a baby gate over the door, but they soon flew over that. So they got their way, they are out in the big world during the day and then back inside at night. It is going well, the older chickens give them a bit of a hard time, but nothing serious. Most of the trouble comes from the Plymouth hens, who will chase anybody and everybody. The goats are all well, as are the sheep. Zeus and Pan are both settling in well, I still haven't heard about our last 2 additions, the 2 ewe lambs.
I have been selling soap at the local farmer's market, though it is a very slow market. I figure I can get my name out there and plug the shop once it is open. That is another bunch of fun. I have many calls to make in order to make that happen, that is of course on top of the work still needed in the garage. I hope the inspector doesn't have any surprises for us.

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