Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Warmer days

This past week was nice, we are unseasonably warm and not complaining! We had a lovely visit from our Friend Eve and her daughter Sarah. We traveled together to China and have been friends ever since. The goats and dogs are getting on much better together, though the pups are really pushing to live with people. They are growing fast and thankfully no longer fit through the electric fencing.
I finally got one of the chicken tractors done, I like to call it the Frankenstein Chicken Tractor, it has me really re thinking the second one. The month old chicks did get outside for a little while but had to be put back in for the cold night. They are not fully feathered yet, so they have a couple more weeks of indoor confinement. It worked out well though, because we picked up a new rooster from the shepherdess who I got most of my goats from. We went to take a look at lambs and she offered a rooster as well. I have looking for a new rooster, it would appear that our rooster is a little to considerate to the hens. The goats are happy to be spending more time outside now as well. They almost have the routine down by now. I think the picture says it all.

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