Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I am a little behind in posting, but Spring is here and RA is acting up, so time is not well spent. We finally had to pack up the bird feeders for the summer, the bears are officially awake. It appears that the mother and cubs are still passing through a few times a week. The date and time are not correct on the picture, this was taken last week. They weren't able to get the suet that night but came back a few nights later and it was eaten.
We did have some eggs arrive in the mail, we were given 7 Serama Chicken eggs, (I later broke one). They are now in the incubator, we shall see how they do. We will actually be getting 2 adult Serma's in the mail this week also. They are small chickens, very small chickens. My chicken house is getting over full.
I also found out that my 10 chicks from the local feed store should be in this weekend. Oh, what have I done.
I managed to get out and take pictures today of all the trees in bloom. I will sign off with some pictures.

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