Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coyotes at 3 a.m.

Bryan and I awoke to the very loud yipping and barking of coyotes this morning at 3 a.m. It sounded like they were in the chicken house. Bryan jumped out of bed, threw on his sweats and grabbed his gun and out he went. Though by the time he did all this the pack was gone. Thankfully they did not get in the chicken house or the barn and all pets were present and accounted for this morning.
After the rude awakening, we decided to get a real start on the permanent electric fencing. Bryan began laying out the posts and running the wire. He now has 1/4 mile of wire run and will hopefully get more done if the rain holds off tomorrow.
In addition to the Serama eggs we got earlier in the week, we actually received 2 grown Serama's on Friday. Here 2 bits is facing off against Beetle, our Black Cochin. Both he and his hen Milly are fully grown.
Our 2 month old chicks did get out today, this is the second time they have been outside, and they seemed to enjoy it. I let a couple of the hens in with them to see how they would do, and it went well. Hopefully I will be able to integrate the 2 groups soon. We have Barred Plymouth Rocks and Silver Laced Wyandottes.

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