Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cold Again

Spring seems to have slipped away from us again. We got a bit of snow on Friday and temps have been cold. I guess I took the electric water buckets out of the barn a little to soon. The pups are settling in though we did have some problems with Luna and the electric fence. She was still small enough to fit through the netting, getting zapped each time. She did it for about 3 days before she quit trying to go through. She is not as interested in the goats as Terra is, but I think she will do fine in the end.

The goats are getting used to having the dogs around, though Sage seems to dislike them the most. He is more afraid of them than the others. But he seems to be getting a bit more aggressive with the other goats as well. A problem that we may have to deal with at some point.

I got the outside feeder built this week, Bryan came home and helped me with the finishing touches. Of course Sage wanted to help also. He offered to hold the boards down by standing on them and also assisted by getting the screws out of the boxes for us.

I am still working on the chicken tractors. For something relatively simple they are taking me awhile to finish. But the chickens can't go in them until they have more feathers and the weather is warmer. I have 2 for the roosters and 1 for the teen age hens. Of course then we have to prepare for Ducks and Turkeys. But that's another story.

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