Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring? Is that you?

Today is Psyche's due date.  She is holding firm, no babies for her yet. 
Psyche is checking Calliope out.

Athena surprised us with a Ewe lamb last Sunday.  She had her without any assistance and by the time we discovered her, she was up, dry and had a full belly.  Athena is overdue for shearing, so we weren't sure how big she was getting.  She is still small car size.
Cuter than cute!

Athena is anxiously waiting for the day the shearer comes again. 
Oscar thinks he got a box full of snacks in the mail today.
'Iowa? What could be coming from Iowa?  It sure sounds like it's mine!'
'OOOOH it is full of goodies!'
Murray McMurray delivers.  We decided to get our chicks a little early this year so they will be laying mid summer.

It's a tea cup Light Brahma!

'Looks, I got fuzzy legs'

Cup o' chicken

'I will love her and squeeze her and call her my own'

Pickles and Petunia, still turning over the field.  They are great rock finders!

Despite the chilly weather, the goats are happy there hasn't been much snow.  They just don't understand why there isn't any good green stuff to eat.

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