Saturday, February 4, 2012

Above 40 degrees.

To say we have enjoyed a mild winter this year is to  put it lightly.  The farm critters are certainly enjoying the mild winter as well.  40 degrees seems almost tropical and everyone is eager to get out and get some fresh air.
Pippy aka Quack Quack had a near death experience at the beak and claws of one of our turkeys.  Several months in the ICU (laundry room) and he is ready to rejoin duck society.  

When Nano talks, everyone listens. 

Everyone leaves the barn today.

Psyche is less than a month away from delivery.  I am thinking a single again.

She hides it very well.

Pearl is a little reluctant to leave the barn.

The pigs are very happy to be outside.  Thank goodness for electric fencing!

It amazes me that the goats can find anything to graze on, but there must be something there.

Time to walk the plank and head for higher ground. 

One chickens scrap bucket is.......

another Turkey's object of affection.

Hercules does a dance....

A little wing flapping....

and a little foot stomping, but to no avail.  No romance today.

Cricket blends well with her surroundings.  Once a house cat, now a porch cat.

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  1. Living in a farm can be very rewarding, and it would be fun to see the animals doing a sort of comedy act in their own way. In some way, they also show us how we should love life by playing and bonding together. Look at how the fowls play with the bucket! They're clearly enjoying it. Haha! Let me call Nano "the sheep whisperer” because he can talk to dogs the same way people talk to other people!

    Kevin Noel