Saturday, October 15, 2011

Goats and Shoats

There have been occasions when the weather is not the greatest or when the goats refuse to leave the barn in the morning, that I will leave them in the barn and just open the outside doors.  They will usually mosey on out at their leisure.   Unfortunately, there are also occasions that I forget to latch the gates to the feed area.  The chaos that I return to is by default my making, but ooooooh the goats.  The pictures are not the best because I took them with my camera and the guilty parties where not going to hold still while I gathered the evidence against them.

Glowing eyes of 'bad' goats.

Archie, Alice's other kid and a couple of 'innocent' Angora's.   They said they just took a wrong turn, the gate is right next to their pen's gate.

Alice and her kid Angus, Alice is the 'gate cracker', she knows just how to open the closed gates.

So we are becoming pros at dealing with the chaos that the goats throw at us.  Hmmm how shall we celebrate, Get Pigs!   Yes in about 2 weeks we will be bringing home a barrow and a gilt, aka a boy and girl  pig.   Yes we have heard how trouble free pigs are, how docile and respectfull of their domicile, not at all like goats who walk through electric fences, open gates, eat massive amounts of unauthorized grain.  No I am sure that the pigs will be quite a vacation for us.  And as Sarah would say, 'yes, I am wearing my sarcastic hat'
These piglets are 'cousins' of the 2 we are getting.

Trying to get a picture of the 'grandpappy' pig.  Weighing in at around 800 lbs and the size of a Yugo.

Full facial of granpappy, really doesn't do him justice.  
The pigs are a cross of Hampshire, Tamworth and Yorkshire.  I am sure they will give me plenty of stories for the blog, keep in touch to see what happens!

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  1. The thing with goats is that they aren't bothered by yelling and rarely seem to learn from

    I had one as a pet...I don't recommend that and my nephew in law raises goats for market.

    Personally I find my dogs easier to live with.