Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas day, and a truly wonderful day it is. After the initial destruction of the living room, the kids have settled to their presents. Naps have been taken and it has been a very leisurely day all around. It started snowing mid day, a beautiful fluffy snow, so Sarah and I took a walk to see how the critters were doing. Along the way we got some great pictures. It appears that 2 of our sheep were bred before we got them, so birth is imminent. Of course, being my first time, imminent is a relative term. All I know is their bellies are hanging low and udders are coming in. I know that both of these girls are not first time mothers, so I am hoping they will do just fine with minimal help from me. I have been keeping an eye on them to see any other signs, but without knowing just what to look for I could be hit over the head with one and not realize it.
So it looks like Persephone and Artemis will be the first to give birth on our farm, (excluding Isabella the hen, of course).
Speaking of Isabella and her chicks, 9 of the original 13 have survived, 5 of those are roosters. I am thinking of starting a new breed of calico chickens. The cross of a Americauna and and Egyptian Fayomis is pretty cool. I wish I could keep all of them, but soon testosterone will take over.

We have had to pen our Tom Turkey, H.R. Puffin-stuff. He is very assertive and I never know when he is going to take a dislike to someone. Has anyone ever been sued by a postal worker being attacked by a turkey? I don't wan to be the first. His hens hang out with him during the day and fly out to roost in their old spot. Evidently Puff is too big (or stupid) to realize he can fly out also.
Our temperatures have been in the 20's, which means hauling water for the birds twice a day, the yard is full of frozen lumps in the shape of water dishes. Of course, the ducks hop in the water as soon as it comes out, I don't think the chickens appreciate drinking the ducks bath water. Oddly enough, the duck pond does have a de icer in it, but they prefer the fresh drinking water.
Our barn cats are growing and are often seen romping around the entire farm. Spot, the bolder of the kittens has discovered the wonders of the porch, however Wallace and Marmalade have no problem telling him it is not his porch. Wallace is actually on the move and has become the garage cat. Now that the shop is open, he spends a lot of time in there, curled up in front of the kerosene heater. Lola, the other barn cat, seems to love the freedom on the farm. She is a beautiful long haired black cat, that seems to wear her matted hair with pride. The downfalls to having a long haired outdoor cat I guess. This spring she will get a good grooming, but for now I figure the clumps help to keep her warm.
Luna and Terra are quite big now, but are still puppies at heart. They do seem to be settling into their guardian duties finally.

Well it is time to cook dinner, so I will sign off, and Wish everyone a wonderfully Merry Christmas.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I still wish I could have chickens in my back yard here in the borough...there's plenty of room, I whine!

  2. That was the first thing we got when we moved here, I was so excited. I love my chickens, eve when they are hiding eggs from me.