Monday, October 25, 2010

Maybe just one more.....

You guessed it, we have a new goat. I couldn't resist, and I tried. I had been eyeing this guy for a little while, but said no. But then the circumstance was just right and into the car we jumped and off to New York to pick up Esau. He is an Angora buckling in beautiful Morritt coloring. We won't be able to breed him until next year, but he assured us he is all boy. It was quite a stinky ride home. Our current buck Castor is 1 1/2 and just doesn't seem to have any drive. If we have any kids next spring, I will be surprised. He has settled into his new home quite nicely, even if he is in a temporary pen. I actually have him out with Pan during the day and for the most part they just ignore each other. I did catch Esau wagging his tongue and shaking his had at one of the girls yesterday.
We also got a surprise of Duck eggs. At first I thought they were really dirty chicken eggs, until I pulled one out that was HUGE. I re examined the others and sure enough we have ducks a laying.
This week Bryan and I are going to start on the winter duck enclosure, it is getting cold and we should have done this a few weeks ago, but better now than when it snows. The enclosure will also give the turkeys somewhere to roost out of the weather as well as our 6 hens who refuse to use the chicken house.