Thursday, July 29, 2010

Down times

I haven't blogged in awhile, between the heat and health issues, it has been a rough patch. We have had a few weeks of heat and humidity, (I know, who hasn't)and I am learning that the RA doesn't go well with either of those. At least I assume it is the RA that has just had me beat.
So basically almost the entire month of July has passed, and while so much has happened, I can't really recall it all. Due to personality issues, Sage and Juniper have moved on and the barn is a much quieter place to be. On a sad note, we lost our 2 ewe lambs this week. We knew at some point this would happen to us on some level, but it was incredibly sad to be so helpless when it comes to the health of your animals. I am still learning to understand what they are trying to tell me in time to do some good. When your kids are sick they tell you what hurts or feels yucky. But the animals can only talk with their bodies, and so often symptoms can have so many causes. So while I realized that Heather was not feeling well, the action I took was not what she needed. Thistle never showed signs of not feeling well, we just lost her.
The vet came out and had a few ideas, on the good note, he did dose a couple of our younger goats who where showing signs of anemia. They are both on the mend.

The turkeys are growing and are finally free ranging. We did not plan to let them be completely free, but they had other ideas and didn't seem to mind going through the electric fence, and yes the voltage is high. We had put their tractor down in the goat field. By the morning all the turkeys had found their way back to the chicken house area, where the pen was located before. So for now we have 8 turkeys roaming amongst the many chickens. It's just a fowl fest.
The time has come though for 15 of those fowl to grace the freezer. Once that has happened we can let the turkeys roost in the side pen. A much better idea than roosting on the dog cage next to the duck yard.
We have also had visitors this month. Sarah's friend Kay was with us for a week. Now we have her friend Santina with us. My friend Eve came up from Philly with her daughter Sarah. We had a great time and can't wait for the next visit.

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