Sunday, July 4, 2010

A day for ducks

First, Happy 4th of July. I think the only ones to truly celebrate today were the ducks. After our health issues and the ducks, we made some quick changes. Changes, not on the to do list for this weekend.
First off we (mostly Bryan) finished the fence as well as the gate for their enclosure so they no longer have to be locked up in the house at night. This will hopefully take care of the feather pecking that is going on and causing my ducks to be colored bright blue/purple. While helping Bryan do this, we decided to dig a pond. Up until now, they have had to make due with a small kiddie pool, not deep enough to get a good dunk.
At it's deepest the pool is about 2 feet, and around 8-9 feet in diameter with a nice shallow ledge to stand and then an incline to climb out.
While I know they are incredibly happy with the end results, the ducks let us know that we really didn't belong in the pen with them. At one point one of the ducks was giving up pointers.
We got the hole dug and had a quick run to Home Depot for the liner today. By early afternoon the pond was filling and ducks where circling. They fell in love with the hose for the waterfall, and finally one took the plunge. It wasn't long before they were all jumping in and swimming happily. A few of the ducks were even swimming underwater, a short trip but I don't think they care. You can see the duck underwater in the next 2 pictures.
Perhaps tomorrow we shall get the waterfall done, they seem to enjoy the water coming out of the tube the best.

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