Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is coming (really)

So it has been about a month since I blogged. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was in pretty bad shape for awhile. For now I am a bit more balanced and functioning better. So on with Spring.
We have gotten our first batch of chicks for the year and are planning where to put everyone. I am still planning for Turkey's and Ducks as well. I am also hoping to get some Lambs this year as well.
Bryan also tapped our Maple trees this spring. We are making professional syrup, but it's a fun experiment. So he tapped trees last weekend when he was home and then off he went. Mom and I (both temporary fully functioning) circled the yard gathering over 45 gallons of sap.

When Bryan got home this weekend, he set up a sugar "tent" and began to boil down. We live and learn, by the end of the weekend, he had a better plan and was looking forward to next year. Of course we still have to finish this years. More work for next weekend. Also on the ever growing list of things to do is an outside bread oven.
The goats are well, they loved their week out but I had to lock them back in with all the rain we had this weekend, I think I am raising fair weather goats.

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