Saturday, June 27, 2009

Part 7 Yes, we do live out in the wilds

It seems that we were in need of a reminder that we do indeed live very near to wildlife. We have gotten complacent to the deer that are often seen in our field. Birds abound, snakes are being spotted and we now know we really do have bats in the barn. But REAL wildlife, it is the stuff of myths. Until..... Bryan and I were out admiring the new binoculars that he had purchased. We spotted a deer come out of the treeline, browse and then quickly head back in the safety of the trees.
I was scanning the field but when I began to lower the binoculars I saw a flash of black, birds, I thought, but looked again. "Bryan, there's a bear out there". Yes, romping through our high alfalfa field as a medium sized black bear. Of course we knew there are bears in the area, and had even been told of a large one that was shot on our property, but you never actually expect to see one for real.
The bear quickly made it's way across the field and disappeared into the woods. A reminder that yes, we do live out in the wilds of Pennsylvania.

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