Monday, February 23, 2009

Part 4; "Best layed plans........."

We did agree that it was beautiful, quaint, rural and still 'civilized'. We meandered many miles just looking at farms, fields and cows. I was in love. We went looking for the next property on our list, this one i was not impressed with and didn't hold out much hope. It was easy to find, had plenty of land, a barn, outbuilding and an extra bonus, an old 2 bay garage right on Route 6. The house itself sat down a sharp bank from the road, close to the road but removed at the same time. There were no cars and Bryan being the brave one drove down the long driveway, we looked around and said hmmmm. I was sure someone with a shotgun was going to come out of the house at any moment and accuse us of trespassing. The yard had toys scattered around, gardening equipment stacked by the house, it didn't look like an empty house at all.
We finally drove away, talking about what we would do if it was ours. Fruit trees here, bigger garden there etc. etc.
Of course we had our 2 year plan and we were only there to test the waters. We drove on to see the last property on the list, it didn't even warrant a slow down.
For our budget the previous house had what we needed. Sure the barn needed work, but it was an existing structure. The shed showed some neglect, but it was an existing structure, it had a huge field, flat level land, the yard was huge, part was fenced for the dog. It looked like it had enough room for the 5 of us.
The big bonus was the garage, it could be converted into a storefront, I could finally sell my soap without loading and unloading my vehicle. But we had a 2 year plan, we just weren't ready.
We visited the property several times before heading home, our heads full of possibilities.

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