Sunday, September 11, 2011

About time

I am amazed that I haven't blogged much this summer.  I thought I would have so much to blog about, and I did, just no time to do it.  So instead of a recap of all the exciting stuff you missed  (and there was some really good stuff too) we are just going forward.
So this is what I did today, with a lot of help from Sarah.
  We shall call this episode, How to make a goat happy.
Step 1:  Notice that their stall is NAAASTY.

Step 2:  Remove NAAASTY  and rinse.

Step 3: Put pretty white stuff on floor.

  Step 4: Put in fresh Hay. (this makes them really happy because they usually have straw which is not as tasty)
Step 5:  Put goats back in stall.

Now these guys don't usually get hay in their stall because they are Angora's and it is no fun to pick out the hay from their fiber, but I didn't have time to get straw.  3 of the boys are very happy they can lay down to eat, very lazy boys!

We were able to clean all 4 stalls today, so we really made all of the goats happy, and there is nothing better than happy goats.  
While we were cleaning, we had a mild thunderstorm, when we left the barn I couldn't resist taking pictures of he beautiful rain drops hanging on the pine tree, I only wish that the picture could capture the sparkling light reflected in the drops.

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