Sunday, February 13, 2011

Melt Down

It is amazing that 35 degrees seems tropical, but I can hear the icicles falling off the roof and the ducks even found a mud puddle this morning. The goats are out running amok, well they are out of their pens, but only ventured outside for a moment, after all the snow is still deep out there.
The lambs are growing like little weeds, they are bouncing all over the place. I can't wait till they get outside to play.
I let the 2 Ewe's get to together for awhile, and after some head butting and trying to figure out who was who they settled into their old routine. Tomorrow they will become pen mates again, time to make room for the others to come in preparation of the shearer coming next week. Also at that point Athena will stay in until she lambs.
I got tired of painting the lambs to tell them apart, so they now have colorful new collars. Of course the boys thought that trying to eat them would be a good idea. Why is it always the boys?

Alice has been keeping a secret from me, can you tell what it is?

Yes, it would seem that she is going to have a kid. I am assuming the father was Pan, which would be very nice, but who knows what that kid will end up looking like. She is starting to develop her udder, so I am keeping an eye on her. She appears to be keeping an eye on me as well.

Flo is preparing for her grand kid, by learning to play hide and seek. Someone needs to tell her that just because she can't see us, doesn't mean we can't see her.

We have finally reaped the rewards of the angora goats. I am very pleased with the gorgeous yarn that Gurdy Run Mill spun for us. This yarn is 65% mohair and 35% jacob sheep. After seeing the results, I wish that I had access to more jacob. A friend kindly enough gave me some bags of it. It blended beautifully with the mohair to produce a lovely 'brushed nickel' color. I was able to get 42 skeins of yarn and am not sure if I should dye any of it, or just try to sell it as is. I am leaning toward as is. The shine on the yarn is not 'to dye' for. (pun intended)