Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After the last post it is fitting to title this one 'Gain'. Today, completely unassisted, our Ewe Persephone delivered 2 ram lambs. They will not have names, but we are calling them tail and butt, because that is where their marks are to tell them apart.
Occasionally I am unable to make it to the barn in the morning, don't worry everyone is set up from the night before. Today was one of those days. We had morning appointments and then I got a migraine. When we got home I went to bed. Mom made the trek tot he barn a little while later, I got a phone call, 'We have a Baby' When I got to the barn, we actually had 2 babies. Not sure when they were born, they were clean, dry and up and around. Both of our Ewe's were still together and Butt was trying to nurse from Artemis. At first we thought they had each had one, but further inspection showed that they were both Persephone's. My main regret is that they are both boys, but I am very happy that they are healthy and everything appears to be just fine.
There is a 4 lb weight difference between them, and that concerns me a bit. Tail was over 9 lbs and Butt is just over 5 lbs. I did try to bottle feed Butt, but he took a little and hopped away. The boys are wearing sweaters that I had knitted, they were an experiment and are too small, but they are very cute. I will have to make more now.
I separated the Ewes, it looks like Artemis will be delivering soon also. Hopefully I will get girls from her.
So everyone has been patiently reading this, saying 'pictures?????' Here they are.


  1. I don't see anything here, but I hope it means the lambies are here!

  2. Wonderful! The next to the last picture looks like the lambie is actually smiling!!! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, I can't wait to get some video of them 'popping' around the stall.