Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't touch my duck

For some reason, Oscar has always loved the small rubber ducks that I sell. Maggie had a couple she was playing with and decided to give one to Oscar. He was in Heaven, until Max moved in on his duck. This was his solution.

A minute later he had both paws holding Max down, and then he kept rubbing the duck on Max's face. Max was smart enough to hold still until it was safe to make his escape.
We took our Christmas tree down today, and found a really cool birds nest inside. Not a great picture, but it was a cool surprise.

We had another mild day and everyone was taking advantage of it.

I have been trying to capture some pictures of the 'calico' hens, they are fast and obviously camera shy.

After a great day spent outside, everyone loves to come in for a batch of fresh hay. I have discovered that goats are like cats, they can have hay all day, but as soon as you put out 'fresh' hay, it is a feeding frenzy. The way they attack their hay, you would think they hadn't spent the day eating hay outside. I think Alice is actually smiling.

Maple is showing off her lovely green ears.

I just can't get enough of Esau, he is soooooo pretty, errh I mean handsome.

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