Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't forget us

The last 2 days have been all about the babies, but on the many trips back and forth to the barn the other residents of the barn have asked that they not be left out. So I took some pictures and listened to some stories.

Spot likes to remind us of his presence constantly. He has discovered that there is a world beyond the barn, and is frequently spotted, (much to Wallace and Marmalade's displeasure) on the porch. He is sure that the other cats really want to be his friend. We shall see.

Alice has mixed feelings about her lack of horns. She is sporting the hornless look now, a decision that I came to after getting stabbed one to many times in places I would rather not be stabbed. As if there is any place that getting stabbed with horns that is good.

Maple is just wondering what all the fuss is about, she considers herself a baby, and she isn't getting this much attention. She doesn't even get a cute sweater to wear. Oh, well, keep the hay coming.

Esau is right next door to the new residents, he just doesn't understand why he isn't getting the extra grain Oh well, he will just keep pushing his penmates around.

He is wondering if the hay outside the corner of his mouth makes him look cool. Yes Esau, you do look just like James Dean.

And then of course we have Pine, who really has no respect for his fleece. He has lovely locks, which he takes every opportunity to fill with hay. Little does he know that soon he will be leaving his sisters and moving in with the other boys. Poor boy.

Luna would really like to get to visit the babies, she promises she will be good. Artemis said absolutely not, don't you even think of putting that little nose anywhere near my girls.

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  1. A very nice group of farm pals! Yes, Esau is very cool!