Monday, January 17, 2011

Confused Ewe

Well I thought by now I would have an exciting story to tell about ewe's and lambs. But instead, all I have is a story of false labor and a few pictures of fat ewe's. This all started on Friday night when I went to feed the critters. Artemis was in her pen curled up in the corner. She wasn't eating or drinking, getting up only to stand for awhile. I figure birth was imminent. I gathered all my supplies and headed back to the house. After dinner, Mom, Sarah and I all returned to the barn, I was prepared to spend the night. After 1 1/2 hours, we called it a night and headed back to the house. Arty wasn't showing any more signs other than being very uncomfortable.
Saturday morning I went back out to the barn, no change. I checked every couple of hours, but nothing was going on. Saturday night she seemed more restless and uncomfortable. I continued to check her every hour, finally calling it a night around 10.

I was sure Sunday morning I would find lambs in the pen. Instead, I found both ewes up and around. Eating like food was going out of style. It would appear that Arty has changed her mind.

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  1. Somebody's being stubborn, the mommies or the babies!