Saturday, September 11, 2010

Babies, babies, babies.......

With that lead in you would think I was going to tell you about babies, well I am, but not yet. First lets talk sheep. As you know, (if you've been reading)the sheep were in need of shearing. Well they got their fabulous hair cuts today and they look great. Very different for sure. I did not have the two lambs sheared, but the 3 ewes and Apollo are all sporting new doos. Once the girls were all back together, there was much head butting and getting to know one another again. the ewes look almost like 2 tone sheep. I don't think the fiber will be any good this time around, due to the matting from before, but we shall see what it comes back as.

Mom is that you?

Everybody squeeze together, share the warmth.

Do my horns look bigger?
So, lets talk about babies. Isabella our Egyptian Fayoumis aka bitch chicken, pms chicken etc etc, has been broody again. The last time she was sitting on approximately 30 eggs, from various chickens. Nothing came of that large clutch. She went broody again, but this time she picked a more secluded safe spot to sit on her own eggs. Well today, when Mom was walking past the chicken house, she heard frantic peeping, she finally located a lone chick under the chicken house. After she rescued it, we went to see Isabella.
Sure enough, she was sitting on a bunch of little fuzzy babies. We reintroduced the escapee and it seems to be going well. Concerned about more escapees, we had to move the brood into a safe box. Isabella did not approve, but we finally got everyone set. Enjoy the pictures.

Some look like Dusty, some like Beetle, either way they will be interesting chicks.

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