Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to my journey from urban dweller to rural farm owner. My husband and I made the choice to move our family from Delaware into the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. We purchased an small acreage complete with an old barn in need of work, a shed, house and as an added bonus a separate garage up on the road. This will hopefully one day be my soap shop. I have been a soapmaker for several years and have been successful selling my wares at craft shows around Delaware.
Our eventual plan is to raise Angora Goats, Finn Sheep and Chickens. Do we have experience? No, of course not. But fueled by an almost primordial need to return to the land, we had an idea of where we wanted to move, land price was important of course, a proximity to some semblance of civilization. We have 2 young daughters and years ago when our oldest was only 2 years old, we took a drive up to Coudersport Pa, for a bow hunting show. We missed the show, but drove Route 6 looking for a hotel room for the night. As we passed through Wellsboro, catching a glimpse of a Main Street, straight out of Norman Rockwell, I thought what a neat little town. Small and healthy and very picturesque. We stopped for gas and continued on.
That was 6 years ago, when our thoughts turned to rural living, we considered Wellsboro, land price was right, it was on the well travelled Route 6, the town was small but thriving due to the Grand Canyon of Pa as well as many other options for out door tourism. But before we were even seriously considering this move, we were invited to an event that turned out to be a catalyst in our lives.
The Common Ground Fair in Unity Maine.

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