Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just waiting for babies!

We are expecting kids soon, February 16th to be exact and really how exact can we get?  Usually I carefully pair the goats together in the fall and watch for signs that pairing was successful.   This past season was a little bit different.  I have always heard that there is no fence that will hold a goat.  We have always been lucky, even when our fence was not working properly the majority of the goats respected the boundaries. For 4 years this has worked, until this past year!  We had  3 bucks, 2 older experienced boys and one buckling who was not quite ready for love.  The girls were ready and the 2 older boys were ready, the sets of pairings went as expected.  Then Arran decided he wanted more, so through the electric fence he went, Ash wasn't going to be upstaged, so through the fence he went.  Being around the 2 of them gave Bruce some ideas.  They foiled every effort to keep them separated.  The end result, we have babies due anytime after the 16th, and the sire could be one of three bucks.  Ugh!
Bruce, one of the possible baby daddies.
Acheron, one of the other baby daddies.

We are also expecting puppies.  Our Great Pyrenees LGD's are expecting soon, again we missed the act so I do  not have an exact day, but Terra is starting show so it will be soon.  
Loki our boy, of course he is a bit older now.


 I think GP's are some of the cutest puppies around and the idea of having 7-10 in my barn is exciting.   There is nothing like goat kids and puppies to pull you out of the winter blahhs.

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